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Entering Your Promised Land


When the Israelites left Egypt and journeyed through the wilderness, and later entered the Promised Land, there are many lessons we can learn through their journey. In a sense, their journey is a shadow of our own journey from coming to Christ till becoming a mature believer.

Egypt represented a life in bondage, and after they were delivered from Egypt, the wilderness represented a life where God was dealing with the Israelites, and the Promised Land was the land flowing with milk and honey, the land where God wants you to experience all that He has for you!

Where are you in your journey and walk with God?

In this 16-part series, you will understand what the Israelites went through in relation to our own life as a believer of Christ.

1. You Got to Get Out to Get In

2. Stand Firm in God

3. God is Faithful

4. Worship in the Wilderness

5. Submit to God

6. How Do You See?

7. Having a Different Spirit

8. Daily Dependence on God

9. Protect Yourself

10. Remember and Believe

11. Step by Step

12. Faith in God and His Word

13. Circumcision of the Heart

14. Fools for Christ

15. My Brother’s Keeper

16. Your Word is Your Bond


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