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The Making of a King


The Making of a King (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?series=19) is a sermon series through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. It takes a deeper look into the lives of Saul and David. Come and let the lessons from the 1 & 2 Samuel renew your mind, and that your life will be transformed through it.

1. From Barrenness to Hope (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=399)

2. Son or Sons (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=408)

3. The Defeat (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=409)

4. The Return of the Ark (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=410)

5. Give Us, Just Like the Others (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=411)

6. Your Choices Matter (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=412)

7. Grace and Mercy (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=413)

8. Better (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=415)

9. Rise and Fall (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=416)

10. Too Big to Miss (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=417)

11. By Grace Through Faith (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=418)

12. Behaving Wisely (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=420)

13. The Pauper Mentality (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=422)

14. Dealing with Insecurity (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=423)

15. Into the Wilderness (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=424)

16. Do The Godly Thing (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=425)

17. Strengthen Yourself in the Lord (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=426)

18. Give God Your All (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=428)

19. Positioned to be Blessed (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=429)

20. Stay Focused on God (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=430)

21. Repentance (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=432)

22. My God (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=433)

23. All That I Need (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=434)

24. Failure is Not Final (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=435)

25. Trust in the Lord (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?sermon_id=436)

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