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The Making of a King


The Making of a King (http://churcharise.net/sermons/?series=19) is a sermon series through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. It takes a deeper look into the lives of Saul and David. Come and let the lessons from the 1 & 2 Samuel renew your mind, and that your life will be transformed through it. 1. From […] Read more »

No Celebration Service on 17 Feb 2018

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There will be no celebration service on 17 Feb 2018 as it is the 2nd day of the lunar new year. Come and join us for our service and church anniversary on 24 Feb 2018! Huat ah!

Have You Tried Hard to be a Christian?


Have you tried hard to be a Christian, and yet felt as if you keep on falling? Have you felt tired of feeling like your going round in circles… that when you sin, you go to God and ask for forgiveness, and feel better after that, only to sin again and repeat the process over […] Read more »

Entering Your Promised Land


When the Israelites left Egypt and journeyed through the wilderness, and later entered the Promised Land, there are many lessons we can learn through their journey. In a sense, their journey is a shadow of our own journey from coming to Christ till becoming a mature believer. Egypt represented a life in bondage, and after […] Read more »

40 Day 2017 – A Season of Prayer & Fasting

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Today marks the start of our season of 40 days of prayer and fasting. Let us unite our hearts together to seek God, to know Him more, to repent, and to ask God for an awakening and revival for Singapore.

No Celebration Service on 10 June 2017


There will be no Celebration Service on 10 June 2017 (Saturday) as we will be on our church retreat. See you on 17 June 2017!

Wanna know how to pray?


Want to know how to pray effectively? Want to see more answers to pray? We had a great time learning from Ps Phil Buechler on how to pray. You can listen to the series Prayer that Works in our messages.

40 Day 2016 – A Season of Prayer & Fasting

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This year marks the 20th year where Christians in Singapore pray and fast for their nation, and we as a church are praying and fasting for Singapore along with our many other brothers and sisters across this island. Join us in this season to pray and fast for Singapore! 1 July to 9 August 2016. […] Read more »

We Are Church Arise!


Who is Church Arise? What do we believe in? What are our values? What is important to us? In this series, Pastor Gerald shares about what makes us Church Arise. Take time and listen to this series of messages. You will be blessed! 5 March 2016 – Size Matters 12 March 2016 – Christians Are […] Read more »

What is God’s plan for all man?


What is God’s plan for all of mankind? What was it like before the Fall of Man? What happened after that? What are the consequences of sin? What did Jesus Christ die for? What hope do we have for the future? This message series takes us in an overview from Genesis to Revelations on God’s […] Read more »